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2-Pack Sensor Brite Motion Activated LED Lights

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19.99 $19.99

Why fumble in the dark getting out of bed or walking down the hall? Let Sensor Brite light your way! No outlet or wiring needed with these battery-operated stick-anywhere lights. Just peel and stick to virtually any surface wherever you need extra light. The Sensor Brite Lights instantly come on when detecting motion and automatically turn off after 30 seconds when no motion is detected. Use several and create a light path to guide you safely on steps and hallways without having to flip on switches. Use in cabinets and cubbies to light up dark areas. Great in bedrooms and nurseries for ambient light that will not wake others.

  • MOTION-ACTIVATED LED light ideal for steps, paths, and staircases. Sensor Brite Path features cutting edge built-in motion sensors that can detect any movement up to 10ft. away with a 120° beam spread to ensure maximum coverage.
  • WIRELESS: Sensor Brite Path LED light is completely wireless, avoid the fuss of cables and wiring getting in the way. Battery operated, Sensor Brite Path will last for months on a single set of 3 AAA batteries. Batteries are not included.
  • TURNS ON/OFF AUTOMATICALLY: after 30 seconds of not detecting any movement, Sensor Brite Path turns off automatically to preserve battery life. You don’t have to worry about manually switching it on or off every time you need it.
  • STICK ANYWHERE: quickly and conveniently stick Sensor Brite Path to any surface without the need for any tools. Alternatively, you can use the included screw mount and secure it in place on any surface you want.
  • 32 LUMENS LIGHT, WHITE LED: Sensor Brite Path comes equipped with three LED bulbs that glow a warm white-blueish hue. Easy on the eyes and doesn’t disturb others who are nearby making it the perfect night light and for use in kids and babies’ rooms.