The holidays are in full swing and Santa’s scheduled to make his trip around the world in just a few short days. Need some last-minute holiday organizing tips...we’ve got you covered!


#1 Purge 10+ items for each family member [Time: 10 minutes]

The gift-giving tradition of the season can provide a challenge for keeping an organized holiday home because it causes as HUGE influx of “stuff” in your space. What to do?


Round up the family and spend 10 minutes finding 10 items that each family member can either discard or donate. This will create space for the new items that are making their way into your home in the form of Christmas gifts.


Here are some “low-hanging fruit” that should be easy to let go:

  • Clothes that no longer fit or are out of style
  • Kids’ school work from the previous semester
  • Broken items
  • Supplies/accessories for hobbies you no longer do or enjoy (i.e. scrapbooking items, soccer cleats)


#2 Take Photos of Your Decoration Setups [Time: 2 minutes]

(This tip actually contributes to an organized holiday home for *next* year...bravo for getting a jumpstart on an organized 2018 holiday!) Take pictures of your holiday decor so next year when you pull out the decorations, you don’t have to think about what should go where. You can always go with a different design/theme next year if you chose to, but the pictures will make decorating a cinch if you opt for a similar setup in future years.


#3 Purge holiday decor [Time: 1 hour]

At the end of the month or in early January, you’ll be taking down your holiday decor. Take the opportunity to purge those decorative items that no longer bring you joy or fit well with your current living situation.


#4 Schedule a “nesting day” for holiday take-down [ Scheduling Time: 1 minute, Nesting Day: 6-8 hours]

When Christmas is over, you’ll have a house full of gifts and decor that needs to be taken down and put away. Look at your calendar and schedule a day or half day to put the house back in order, take down decor, remove/recycle your tree, return gifts to stores, and even write thank you cards for your gifts. If the time is not plugged into your calendar to take care of these things, you may be starting the new year with a Christmas hangover!


Here’s to a very happy holiday and an uber-organized 2018!!!