Make calendar adjustments

ORGANIZE FAVE: Love this storage tube to keep gift wrap corralled![/caption]

A LOT of things get added on to our to-do lists during the holidays: cooking, shopping, hosting parties, attending parties, decorating, gift wrapping, need I say more!

Often, part of the stress of the holidays is the fact that we feel like we can’t do it all. And, indeed, that’s factually correct. With a finite amount of time, unless you don’t sleep, you cannot do everything you regularly do in addition to these seasonal commitments.

So since you are adding in a number of additional activities into your life this season, what “regular items” are you removing to make time for these?

  • Are you taking a break from Tai Chi class?
  • Are you telling the kids' tutor you need to take a break for 6 weeks?
  • Are you taking a little time off work or forgoing your weekend walk in Waikiki to use that time to get these holiday projects done?

If you make the calendar adjustments now and plan for the added projects/events during the season, you’ll be so much more “present” and able to enjoy the “joy”!

While you’re at it, schedule the day and time when you’re going to do your post-holiday obligations (taking the decorations down, writing thank you cards, establishing “homes” for the gifts you and the family will be receiving).


Make lists

Lists…Such an organizer thing to say, right? Thing is…they work! Even Santa knows that!

Make lists for everything you need to remember and everything you need to do this season!  Don’t hold this info in your head which bogs down your thinking and creates mental clutter! Record this info in electronic or paper lists and reserve your brain power for more creative and complex thinking.

Lists you may need:

  • Grocery lists for holiday gatherings
  • Address lists for Christmas Cards
  • Gifts to buy lists
  • Lists of names to remember for those people you only see once at year at certain holiday gatherings



Create a staging area

These ugly Christmas beer bottle sweaters are the perfect touch for your holiday party or even for a hostess gift! Don't let your beer bottle be seen without one this season :)!

The holidays mean a bunch of stuff is going to be making its way into your house.  New decorations, gifts, Christmas cards, even food. Designate an area where you can store gifts that need to be wrapped (bonus if you can create a wrapping station in the same spot). This will give you a clear visual sense of everything you have thus far (and what may be missing). If you have little ones, of course, this spot may need to be a hidden one.




Every holiday season you get an influx of at least 10 things per person coming into your house (NOTE: with those doting grandparents, the number is really more like 25). Take some time before the holiday rush to declutter so that you will have space for this known influx.

Not sure where to start…consider low hanging fruit: clothes that don’t fit, gadgets you don’t use, décor elements that don’t make you happy (including holiday décor you pull out to decorate your home).

As fun it is to receive gifts, they can become a burden if there’s no place for them to “live” in your home. Create that space now with an all-hands-on-deck family decluttering session!