Whether you're a "list person" or definitely NOT a "list person" you probably have a lot of things floating around in your head.

Did you know those things floating around in your head can cause you a constant steady flow of low-level-nearly-imperceptible-but-most-definitely-there stress?

It’s TRUE! One of the world’s leading productivity gurus, David Allen, teaches that unless you “capture” those thoughts somewhere, they are going to continue to stress and disturb you (often at the most inopportune moments).

Love this cheerful red moleskin notebook!

When you write things down, you offload responsibility for “remembering” those things to the paper or electronic device where you captured them. It’s actually incredibly freeing.

In his seminars and books, Allen often talks about the process of doing a “brain dump” where you capture everything that’s on your mind in one place. While the whole process takes only about 20-30 minutes, you often feel marked relief after you do it.

NOTE: You have NOT actually *done* anything that’s on the project or to-do lists that you just created, but you feel notably better...calmer, nevertheless.

That’s the power of capturing information whether on pen/paper or electronically. Give your brain a break why don’t ya?! :)

Personally, I’ve always been a “list person”...I like the process of putting pen to paper and I like to regularly declutter my mind of all the stuff pulsing through it.

But in the past, I’ve never had *one place* where I’ve captured all my written notes. I’d pull a piece of paper out of my printer or grab a post-it note or find a random notebook somewhere in my office supply cabinet and would unload the info there.

However...I ended up with a bunch of kapakahi papers and when I needed those notes I took about a prospective client or that shopping list I made for Whole Foods, I didn’t remember which scrap I had written it on or where I had stowed it.

Enter the “One Notebook” experiment...

I recently picked up a hardbound spiral notebook. It has a cute pink design and it says “Write Your Story” on it. I’m not officially “writing my story” anytime soon, but regardless, just looking at the notebook makes me happy.

I made a commitment about a month ago to use this as my official note-taking, list-collecting, brain-dumping too. So now, whether I’m taking notes on the phone with a client, putting together ideas for my church Thanksgiving celebration, or writing out grocery or to-do list, ALL that info goes in my “Write Your Story” notebook.

This fun turquoise color inspires!!!! This fun turquoise color inspires!!!! This fun turquoise color inspires!!!! This fun turquoise color inspires!!!!

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The jury is back and the verdict is...IT’S AWESOME! I can trust that nearly all the info I need is in that little pink beauty. Now of course I still use my email, the reminders app on my phone, my paper and online calendars, and other resources to store information. But for quick notes, this process has been wonderful and stress-relieving for me.

There were two things that had to happen for me to change my former (random scraps of paper) process. I had to:

1) Make a commitment to use the notebook for any and all notes

2) Get a notebook that made me happy just looking at it so I wanted to take it with me wherever I went. I needed a notebook that inspired me and this one did.

Simply Organized has a great selection of really nice Moleskin notebooks. I challenge you this month to pick one up and try the “One Notebook” experiment. I think you’ll be incredibly pleased with the results.

Here’s to an increase in your productivity and a decrease in your stress level! BOOM!