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  1. Five Easy Organization Fixes
    Five Easy Organization Fixes
    In my work as a professional organizer, I tend to see patterns of disorganization that exist in many client homes.  This month, I'll share five "quick...
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  2. ROCK Your Laundry - One Load at a Time
    ROCK Your Laundry - One Load at a Time
    Laundry management is a common ongoing issue for people of ALL walks of life...laundry is like the mail, it just keeps on coming! This problem multipl...
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  3. Finding Space in Your Home
    Finding Space in Your Home
    Just the other day I had a teller at the bank ask me how she could find extra space in her home. She has a new baby on the way, a tiny one bedroom apa...
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  4. Simply Solutions: 6 Organizing Products That Solve Problems
    An increasingly popular online trend is the sharing of “hacks”.  The term “hack” implies a quick, somewhat haphazard, not particularly effective solut...
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