When you are eating out a restaurant, watch your waiter. You'll notice when he comes to refill your water, he clears your appetizer plates. When he comes to serve your entree, he drops off the dessert menu. Restaurant servers are always combining tasks, thereby saving time and energy.*


  • When you are moving from one room in your house to another, pick up any items that belong in the room to which you are heading. If you are doing laundry downstairs and need to head upstairs to your bedroom, bring up that load of clean clothes as you go.
  • When you are leaving your condo and heading to the elevator, bring your rubbish with you to drop down the garbage chute.

When you get into this habit--making use of trips you are already making to do additional tasks--you’ll notice that keeping areas of your home maintained is much easier.

*This practice speaks to the medical/martial arts concept of “economy of movement”, which emphasizes efficiency and minimal energy/effort.