January is "National Organization Month." What better time to get your home or office in order? Many people make a commitment to “declutter” or “tidy up” in the new year. So let’s start at the beginning…

Clutter is that stuff that does not have a "home in your home."

There is no specified place for it and so it ends up accumulating in every nook and cranny, on every countertop, in every cupboard and drawer (read: "junk drawer"), and the sum total is a sense of us wading through an overloaded sea of "things" that we end up despising as opposed to appreciating.

Cluttermakers are those "unplanned for" purchases that produce clutter. We never intended to buy them. We ran into them in a store or on the Internet one day and were intrigued by them.

"This will make my life easier, better, happier...etc.," we thought to ourselves. These cluttermakers were not "on our list." We may not have even been aware of their existence before we walked into the store or visited that site.

Avoid picking up “cluttermakers” by being intentional about your purchases…

Ask yourself these 3 questions to see if your unintended purchase passes the clutter test:

1. Where will this “live” in my home/office?
2. When will I use this in the immediate or near future (be specific)?
3. Can I afford this?

If you can’t provide SPECIFIC answers to questions #1 and #2, and a strong “YES” to question #3, don’t buy it. It’s that simple!