The holidays are upon us!  Planning ahead during this sometimes hectic season helps you have less stress and more fun during your hosted holiday events and travel.

Try to “bookend” your time so that you schedule OFF time the day before and even the day after your travel and the events you'll be hosting in your home.


This means if you’re leaving on a trip on a Thursday, you take the day off on Wednesday to pack, shop, and do what you need to do to get you and your family ready for the trip.  If it’s a longer trip, you also may want to take the day off AFTER you arrive home.

When we don’t allow time to unpack our things and get resettled after a long trip, we often find that we are tripping over our suitcases for days, and our space and mind feel disorganized.  If the trip happens to be a very relaxing one, there will be a definite disconnect if we jump right back into work in a flurry.


The same concept applies to holiday events you host…If we don’t set aside time to prep for these events, we often feel stressed leading up to the events themselves. Nobody wants to be a harried host or hostess!

Likewise, if we have to get right back to work after these soirees, we might find we have dishes in our sinks for days as there’s not enough time for cleanup.

Bookending your schedule with a little time before and after trips and holiday events makes life easier and gives you time to get your home back in order!

Wishing you all the joy and the peace that this special season brings!