"I need a system!" This is the battle cry of a person who wants to get organized.  Often, they actually do have a "sort-of system" and just need to optimize it a bit.

I can come into your home and set up the most beautiful physical space for you...but the next day, the mail's going to come in, the kids are going to play with toys on the floor and bring in little flowers they found outside, the dishes from dinner are going to be sitting in the sink if you don't wash them or put them in the dishwasher.

As I always share with my clients, YOU are actually the system.  While we work together to set up a basic infrastructure, it's you putting in the time to MAINTAIN the system that actually makes it work long term.

The 4 components of a “SYSTEM”

  1. Designated homes for everything
  2. Items returned to their designated homes after usage
  3. Dedicated time to maintain system daily
  4. Regular “resets” to process inflow and initiate outflow

The two main reasons why systems break down or don't work

  1. You have too much volume for the space
  2. You don't do regular maintenance

I wish I could give you a magic pill to make your home look "Pinterest Perfect" at all times but it doesn't exist!  There's time and sweat required to keep your home organized, but you can do it!