Grounding routines are those routines that help you maintain your organizational patterns in your space and in your life.

We all know how when we “let things go” even just a little bit in our space, in a way, it gives us permission to let other things go and our space can unravel rather quickly.

Pretty soon there’s a mountain of clean clothes to fold and put away, there’s a cluttered countertop, and there’s stuff all over the floor.  It feels OVERWHELMING to try to come back from that.  “Yikes, how did that happen?”, we wonder!

If you establish grounding routines, they will help you get in a pattern of maintenance.

It’s kind of like brushing your teeth…it’s just something you do every day without thinking about it.  No one has to tell you to brush your teeth, you don’t have to put it on a list to make sure you do it, it just happens.

Establish other grounding routines in your space and organizational maintenance won’t seem like such a chore; it’s just your lifestyle.



Making the bed

A made bed sets the tone of your bedroom. You’ll be less inclined to throw stuff on the floor or leave other things out if your bed is made and your room feels ordered.


Emptying the dishwasher

There’s a great story that I heard in a National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals training some years back. The presenter said she had a routine of emptying the dishwasher every morning while brewing but *before* having her coffee.  Through this process, she thought of her coffee as a reward for her emptying the dishwasher (a chore she detested!).

Now truth be told, as coffee lovers know, we *will* do whatever it takes to have our precious coffee every morning.  But by tying these two daily actions together, this woman ensured that her dishwasher was emptied each morning and ready to receive the dishes of the day.



Sweeping is very grounding as it forces you to pick things up that may have been left on the floor.  Sweep every morning or even and you’ll have a built-in mechanism for keeping your floor space tidy!


Are there other grounding routines that help you stay organized?  Share them in the comments!