Happy New Year!  In honor of this new year, a time that's always filled with hope and promise, we are starting a new series, "Organizing 101". This series will give you simple tips that you can apply in your everyday life to help you live and feel more organized.

This month: The Hot-Warm-Cold Method

When you organize and create "homes" for things, you want to place items strategically, based on how often you use them.

HOT items are used every day or almost every day.  They should go in the PRIME real estate of a home or office. When you're opening up your pantry cabinet and looking in, for example, these would be the items that are stored in the shelves that are at chest/arm level for you.

WARM items are used every week or every month.  They should go in the easy to access areas, though they not necessarily the prime real estate. Using the same pantry example, that would be those shelves right above and right below the chest/arm level shelves.

COLD items are used infrequently, such as seasonal items.  They can be stored in the harder to reach areas. In a large cabinet, for example, this would be up high or down low. In a garage, this may be in the rafters.