As we shared last month, our new “Organizing 101” series provides you with quick, easy, memorable organizing principles that will help you get and stay more organized.
One overarching principle of organization is having “homes” for everything in your home. There is some strategy, however, to determine what should go where.


Point Of Use


Designate homes for items *near* to where they are used. You typically don’t want to go to another room to grab something you need or—perhaps more importantly for organizational maintenance—to put it back!


  • Put dishes/silverware near the dishwasher.
  • Put glasses near the water source.
  • Put coffee/tea near the coffee maker and teapot.
  • Put the remote control near the couch or chair where you typically use it.
  • Put little cups with pens/post-its in different areas of the home where you do work.
  • Put a key hook near your entryway to drop your keys upon arrival and grab your keys upon departure.
  • Put a hamper in your bathroom where you disrobe before your shower
Take a quick audit of your kitchen, your bedroom, your living room, your bathroom. If you find items have homes far from where they are typically used, make some tweaks to your current setup.