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  1. 5 Things to Discard Before Christmas
    5 Things to Discard Before Christmas
    OK. So it’s here. We are in full-blown “holiday season”. This guarantees 2 things for many of us... A bunch of people are going to be coming into o...
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  2. Simple Strategies for an Organized Holiday
    MAKE A SCHEDULE With the holidays come a number of events and activity that do not occur the rest of the year. These additional events/activities can ...
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  3. 6 Keys to Keeping Your Keiki Organized
    Did you have a college roommate who was a real slob (I did!)? Did you have a co-worker who left their empty cheetos bags on your desk because they did...
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  4. Finding Space in Your Home
    Finding Space in Your Home
    Just the other day I had a teller at the bank ask me how she could find extra space in her home. She has a new baby on the way, a tiny one bedroom apa...
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  5. Organizing - The Ergonomic Way
    Ergonomics is the study of people’s efficiency in the working environment. Ergonomic principles are used to help people design their offices in such a...
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  6. 7 Tips For Small Space Living
    We live in Paradise and it’s the bomb. But Paradise gets a bit pricey! We get less space for more money than our mainland counterparts. So we need to ...
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  7. An Organized Garage Step-by-Step
    An Organized Garage Step-by-Step
    Garage organizing is not for the faint of heart. It’s a jungle out there! But a well-organized garage is vital to protecting and preserving many of yo...
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  8. 4 Foolproof Approaches to Spring Cleaning
    4 Foolproof Approaches to Spring Cleaning
    So if one of your New Year’s resolutions was to “get organized” and you’re not quite there yet, no worry beef curry! This month, we’re sharing four di...
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  9. The Joys of Inbox Zero (Part 2 of 2)
    My RAD Simply Organized purchases of the month... Before we get into organizing our email inbox, I must share my latest Simply Organized purchases...
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  10. The Joys of Inbox Zero (Part 1 of 2)
    We’ve all been there...open up your email in the morning and your heart sinks. For some of us, the number of emails in our inbox is in the 40-50 range...
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  11. Closet Organizing 102:  Three More Closet-Rocking Tips
    Closet Organizing 102: Three More Closet-Rocking Tips
    Closets that are overflowing are like filing cabinets that are overstuffed. It requires a major ab workout to fit something new into the mix of clothe...
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  12. Rock the Season: 5 Things To Plug Into Your Calendar TODAY
    Call me neurotic (you wouldn’t be the first…), but I’m a big fan of having things scheduled.  There is good reason for this…when things are schedul...
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