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  1. Closet Organizing 102:  Three More Closet-Rocking Tips
    Closet Organizing 102: Three More Closet-Rocking Tips
    Closets that are overflowing are like filing cabinets that are overstuffed. It requires a major ab workout to fit something new into the mix of clothe...
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  2. Rock the Season: 5 Things To Plug Into Your Calendar TODAY
    Call me neurotic (you wouldn’t be the first…), but I’m a big fan of having things scheduled.  There is good reason for this…when things are schedul...
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  3. Simply Solutions: 6 Organizing Products That Solve Problems
    An increasingly popular online trend is the sharing of “hacks”.  The term “hack” implies a quick, somewhat haphazard, not particularly effective solut...
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  4. How To Choose The Right Organizing Products
    [caption id="attachment_2049" align="alignright" width="300"] Join us for our new store's Grand Opening at the Laulani Shopping Center in Ewa Beach th...
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  5. Rock Your Closet in 5 Easy Steps
    Rock Your Closet in 5 Easy Steps
    Simply Organized has a number of great products to help you keep your closet organized.  It’s time to rock your closet to make it functional (and dare...
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  6. The #1 Secret to Greater Productivity
    Hands down, the #1 secret to greater productivity is this:  Having a TRUSTED SYSTEM. This is not new information…Productivity guru David Allen has bee...
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  7. 6 Ways to Beat the Back-To-School Blues
    After all the fun in the sun of summer, heading back to school can be a bear. This month I checked in with some of the smartest and savviest moms I kn...
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  8. Why An Organized Kitchen Helps Family Life
    The kitchen is the heartbeat of the home.  So much happens in that space...food is prepared, conversations are exchanged, the weight of the day is rel...
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  9. 10 Travel Tips for a Stress-Free Summer Vacation
    Summer is THE BEST!  We go on vacations, visit friends, attend weddings, relax, and have a whole bunch of fun.  The travel part, however, can be a str...
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  10. 13 Reasons Why Clutter Is Ruining Your Life!
    OK, so I’m not going to beat around the bush.  Clutter sucks!  As a clutter warrior (AKA professional organizer), I combat clutter on a daily basis.  ...
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  11. Tax Time Organizing
    It’s tax time! And while many of us dread the thought of April 15, being organized can definitely help reduce some of the anxiety. From March 5-18 Sim...
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  12. QUIT "Pre-Organizing"!
    I had a client years ago who when I would go to her house for an organizing session would tell me “Nancy, I have to pre-organize!”  What this meant in...
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